Analysis of Gold Purity

Carats Degree Celsius Gold Purity %
8 333 33,3%
9 375 37,5%
10 417 41,7%
12 500 50,0%
14 583 58,3%
18 750 75,0%
21 857 87,5%
22 916 91,6%
24 999 99,9%

Official Gold Coins per Country

Types Weight in Gr Purity Diameter in Mm Amount of Pure Gold
British Sovereign
7.9881 916 22 7.322
VICTORIA 7.9881 916 22 7.322
EDWARD 7.9881 916 22 7.322
GEORGE 7.9881 916 22 7.322
ELIZABETH 7.9881 916 22 7.322
645.16 900 21 5.806
VRENELLI 1897-1933
645.16 900 21 5.806
31.103 999 30 31.103
100 KORONA 1908
33.875 900 37 30.487
33,875 900 37 30,487
4 DUCAT 1915
13,963 986 39 13,777
20 DOLLARS 1907-1933
33,437 900 34 30,093
LIBERTY 1877-1907 33,43 900 34 30,093
50 PESOS 1947
41,66 900 37 37,499
20 PESOS 1959 16,66 900 27 14,999
33,956 916 32,3 31,103
2 KRUGERRAND 1961 7,988 916 22 7,322
10 RUBLES 1923-1975
8.605 900 22.5 7.744

What are gold bars?

Gold is one of the most sought-after precious metals because it is used for the creation and production of unique and high-quality items, like jewellery and coins, thanks to its resistance to corrosion over time and its rarity.

Many people buy gold because they are solely interested in its financial worth and not in its beauty or practicality. This led to the creation of gold bars. The rocks, which miners struggle to find deep in the underground and bring back to the surface, are transferred to foundries where they go through a rendering process — melting gold is easy thanks to the ductile nature of the metal — and form rectangular bars of a variety of grams, made by pure gold. Gold in that form is easy to store and sell.

Why buy gold bars?

Many people choose to invest in gold bars. This happens because gold has remained a powerful and desired metal from antiquity to now. Especially during periods of recession, the majority of the population loses faith in the currency of their country and they turn to gold. Thus, buying a gold bar is a safe investment as it will not lose its worth no matter how many years go by. The fact that gold bars are recognised as valuable items all around the world contributes to their high price. Therefore, if your goal is to create a financially secure future for you and your family, buying gold bars from Fasma Hellas is the way to go about it.

Why sell gold bars?

Gold bars are an asset which enables its owner to be financially independent. Two reasons that could lead a person to sell such precious items are either the need for cash or the constant fear of losing them. You cannot use a bar of gold to pay for necessity or luxury goods. Similarly, you cannot expect a burglar to leave a gold bar behind since its tangibility, its portability and its worth make it the perfect loot.

Why choose Fasma Hellas to buy and sell gold bars?

Fasma Hellas has been in the precious metals business since 1974. It has been working hard all those years in order to offer excellent and perfect gold bars to its clients and partners. People interested in gold bars can either choose one or more from our approved and certified collection or make their own using their old jewellery.

If you have gold bars that you want to sell, our professional valuers are at your disposal to examine your bar and make a fair and profitable offer for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell gold bars to you?

Yes, you can. Fasma Hellas buys gold bars at excellent prices.

Can I buy gold bars from Fasma Hellas?

Yes, you can. Fasma Hellas offers a wide range of gold bars in different sizes.

How can I be certain that I am going to purchase real gold bars from Fasma Hellas?

Fasma Hellas can guarantee the excellent quality of its gold bars thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment and its professional valuers.

What type of gold bar should I purchase?

You can buy a gold bar ranging from 1 gram to over 12.5 kilos. Depending on your preferences and the money you have at your disposal, Fasma Hellas can find you the perfect gold bar.

Are bars only made of gold?

No, you can find bars made of other precious metals as well, such as silver, platinum and palladium.