What is the issuance of diamond certificates?

The outcome of the evaluation process of a diamond by a specialized gemological laboratory is the issuance of diamond certificates. This certification confirms various features of a diamond such as color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Furthermore, this document is vital in confirming the uniqueness, value, and authenticity of the diamond, providing necessary safety and transparency to potential buyers in their purchase.

How are certifications issued?

The process of a diamond certification issuance begins when a diamond or a precious stone is selected to be analyzed by a gemological laboratory. In case you feel that you have questions about diamonds or precious stones, it would be good to get in touch with the competent team of Fasma Hellas.

After the selection of a diamond or precious stone, trained professionals proceed with extensive examinations using advanced equipment, identifying the “Four Cs,” which are, in other words, cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The cut represents how a diamond interacts with light, not its shape. Regarding color, it varies from D, meaning colorless, to Z, reflecting light with yellow or brown hues. Clarity examines whether there are any imperfections, known as inclusions and external blemishes. Carat weight, on the other hand, refers to the size of a diamond.

In the final stage, a certificate is issued that validates these specifications. It is usually referred to as an appraisal report or document. This type of document provides buyers with assurance in relation to the quality and value of a diamond. However, it is worth noting that even if two diamonds have similar specifications, their unique characteristics can still lead to differences in their respective values.

How does a diamond certificate affect the value of a diamond?

It is remarkable that the value of a diamond is significantly influenced by its certificate . What does a certificate do? A certificate verifies the quality of a diamond, reducing the risk of purchasing low-quality or fake diamonds. In other words, it provides detailed information about the weight of a diamond, as well as the measurements of cut, color, and clarity, which are crucial for calculating its actual value.

For example, diamonds that have been inspected and certified by reputable institutions such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS) usually manage to succeed at higher prices, as these institutions adhere to strict evaluation standards. In a similar way, diamonds lacking such certifications may be priced lower, as the absence of certified quality information can lead to a depreciation of a diamond’s value. In that manner, certification provides an accurate measurement of a diamond’s value, assisting both buyers and sellers.

Why choose Fasma Hellas for diamond certification issuance?

Fasma Hellas, a prominent laboratory for diamond and precious stone appraisal, possesses the necessary expertise and knowledge to conduct such a meticulous scientific process. Thanks to investments in exceptional and high-tech equipment, such as X-Strata 980 X-ray fluorescence spectrometers and ultrasonic thickness gauges, it has the capability to examine all the parameters that characterize diamonds and precious stones. The scientists of Fasma Hellas can confidently arrive at the appropriate results through technologically documented evidence and present them to their clients, offering official certification. Fasma Hellas’ professional experience spanning 50 years in the field of analyzing precious metals and evaluating gems like sapphires or rubies is notable. Undoubtedly, it meets every requirement of interested parties in a reliable and professional manner, primarily with respect to their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The issuance of a certificate primarily refers to the evaluation and examination of a diamond or precious gemstone, such as sapphire or ruby.

Such a thing is not possible. It is necessary to personally bring the diamonds or precious stones to the Fasma Hellas laboratory. Once you arrive at their facilities, the professionals will guide you in the most efficient manner.

The time required for the issuance of a diamond certificate often varies depending on the existing workload of the laboratory. We would say that this process generally takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks from the moment the precious stone reaches the hands of the experts.

A diamond certificate captures a detailed assessment of its characteristics. In particular, it provides information about the cut, carat weight, clarity, and color grade. The fluorescence of the precious stone under UV light is also documented. Finally, security features and the assessment date are included.

Once the relevant diamond certification document is issued, it usually accompanies the diamond when it is transferred. The next phase involves the sale of the diamond, either from the jeweler to a customer or between businesses in the jewelry industry. Fasma Hellas can stand by your side through the scientific appraisal of diamonds and precious stones. The certificate offers confidence in potential buyers regarding the quality and value of the diamond.