What kinds of jewellery do we accept for appraisal for insurance purposes?

Fasma Hellas knows all about valuable possessions. Jewellery is a special category as it acquires sentimental and aesthetic value. This is why, Fasma Hellas accepts and conducts appraisals in the whole world, from every corner of the Earth. We can also help you protect all your precious pieces of jewellery by valuing them for insurance purposes. To be more exact, we accept all kinds of jewellery and accessories, e.g. earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings, that have been made of gold, silver, palladium or platinum. Additionally, pieces of jewellery that are adorned with precious stones such as diamonds and emeralds are also welcome for a valuation.

Is an appraisal of the pieces necessary for jewellery insurance?

Yes, it is. All insurers will ask for a valuation of the pieces of jewellery you want to insure. This piece of paper is essential for their work because it is proof of the value of your possessions. Having physical evidence of their high quality allows both parties to find an insurance plan that truly protects the owner of the items against financial loss in case something bad happens to their possessions. This whole process requires the submission of a professional and valid jewellery appraisal. This means that a guarantee from the seller may not be adequate proof of value. You will have to contact a trustworthy appraisal office like Fasma Hellas.

Why should you insure your jewellery?

  • If someone steals your expensive pieces of jewellery, a jewellery insurance is proof that you not only possessed these valuable items but also are eligible to be compensated for their loss.
  • Because you can be sure that your pieces of jewellery that have sentimental and financial value are protected against loss or damage.
  • Many home insurances do not include terms regarding jewellery loss.
  • A jewellery insurance protects owners against a wide range of unfortunate events such as accidental loss or damage, housebreaking and becoming a robbery victim while being abroad.

Why should you trust Fasma Hellas to provide you with an appraisal for jewellery insurance?

Fasma Hellas has been working in the field of precious metals since 1974. It belongs to the Federation of Goldsmiths and Silversmiths in Greece, and it has collaborated with a wide range of clients —from laboratories to jewellery sellers. The key to its success is the professionalism of its experts and the excellent quality of its equipment. The combination of these two elements leads to the plethora of satisfied clients. 

People who want to insure their pieces of jewellery visit Fasma Hellas because they have no doubt in their minds that the valuation of their items will be conducted in a friendly environment by discreet professionals and that the results will be accurate. The state-of-the-art spectrometers do not leave room for anything other than perfection. The experienced valuers compose legitimate appraisals that provide necessary details which are needed for the successful completion of the jewellery insurance process.

* The company has a business licence for all its available services.*
* Jewellery merchants are requested to bring a consignment note and vouchers. Individuals will be asked to show their national identity card.*

Frequently Asked Questions

What pieces of jewellery does Fasma Hellas accept for appraisal?

Fasma Hellas accepts all kinds of pieces of jewellery that have been made of precious metals. There is no reason to value and insure pieces of jewellery that are not valuable or designer items.

How many pieces of jewellery can I bring for a jewellery insurance appraisal?

There is no limitation on the number of pieces of jewellery you can bring to Fasma Hellas for a jewellery insurance appraisal.

How long does the jewellery appraisal take?

The jewellery appraisal service is pretty fast thanks to the state-of-the-art spectrometer that Fasma Hellas owns. Depending on the workload, our experts may need a couple of working days to prepare your certificate.

Can Fasma Hellas insure my jewellery?

No, it can’t. Fasma Hellas is not an insurance company. However, Fasma Hellas is a legitimate business in the precious metals field and is capable of appraising and vouching for the value of your pieces of jewellery.