About Fasma Hellas

Confidentiality and Protection of Personal Data

On the website fasmahellas.gr, we believe that protecting the personal data of all our visitors is crucial. This is why we have taken all the necessary steps to abide by the global laws and regulations relating to personal data. We encourage you to read this statement carefully, before using our website. When you share your personal data or when we gather data about you, we use them as explained in this statement. If you do not agree with the procedures described below, you should leave this website and not use any of our services or content.

What is ‘Personal Data’?

Personal data is information which reveals your identity, such as name, email address, home address, mobile number, username and buying behaviours, content made by the user, financial-related information, and health issues. It is also likely to include individual numerical labels, like the IP address of your computer and cookies.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

How do we receive or collect your data?

Our website, fasmahellas.gr, does not collect personal data except for cases where you have provided us with your details for a particular purpose. For instance, when you add yourselves to our newsletter contact list, when you create an account, when you contact us, when you participate in our giveaways, we collect your data. Even in those cases, we first ask for your consent, and then we collect the necessary personal data.

Another way we collect personal data is through cookies used on our website. We do not process, promote or exchange that information.

We need this type of information in order to provide you with the best possible buying experience (fast delivery of the purchased products, safe transactions, personalised customer service).


Cookies are stored on your computer when you visit and use our website. They are information in a text format that the browser on your device saves. These saved pieces of information are sent to our website. Each cookie from your browser is unique, and it consists of anonymous details. We select this information in order to improve the user experience on our website. The operation of our website will be significantly affected if you disable or do not accept the use of cookies. You have the right to turn cookies off in your browser. You should know that turning cookies off means that you might not be able to use some parts of our website.

Types of Cookies

  1. Necessary

These cookies are essential for the excellent operation of any website. They allow you to explore webpages and take advantage of their functions. They remain on your computer for a long period of time (from 1 day to 1 year).

Examples: PHP application cookie, PHP session cookie, frontend_cid, session_id, frontend, popup_newsletter

  1. Performance or Analytical

These cookies are used for the assessment of the performance and the improvement of the functionality of our website, by collecting anonymous data from our visitors. These cookies last either until you leave our website (session) or for a long time (persistent).

Examples: Ga, Gat, utm, utma, utmc, zlcmid, atuvs

  1. Social Media

Thanks to social media cookies, you can connect to your social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) and share our digital content. The advertising cookies (third-party) collect information that contribute to ads personalisation. These cookies stay on your computer either for the duration of one browser session or for a long period of time.

Third-party cookies we use on this website

Google Analytics cookies are performance cookies, which allow us to collect anonymous data about the way visitors use our website. These cookies inform us about the number of visitors our site receives and the way they navigate it. These are all anonymous information, and they do not include any personal data.

All the pieces of information that are collected via Google Analytics are transferred and stored in Google servers according to the Google privacy policy.

Additionally, the social media cookies of third-parties (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) can activate their cookies on your device if you share our website content on their sites.

From time to time, our digital content may include a hyperlink to a website belonging to one of our colleagues, advertisers or fellow companies in our network. If you click on such a link, you should know that the specific websites enforce their own privacy policies about personal data, and we do not carry any responsibility for their policies.

You are advised to check the privacy policies of other websites before submitting any of your personal information.

Moreover, we allow you to create an account on our website using the log in details of your social media accounts. If you take advantage of this function, you should know that you share your profile details with us, depending on the settings of the particular social media platform. We recommend that you check the privacy policy of  the social platform you used to create your account on our website in order to be aware of the way that the specific company collects and shares your personal data.

Protection of Personal Data

The web traffic between this website and your browser is encrypted, and all the information is transferred from one to another based on the HTTPS protocol while the SSL (SecureSocketsLayer) is also used.

We commit ourselves to keep both your personal data and your online transactions secure. On the basis of this contract, we demand that any other trusted third-party, who handles your personal data on our behalf, should act accordingly.

The SSL protocol (SecureSocketsLayer) is the most commonly used tool in the world in order to both ensure that websites are secure and trustworthy and to encrypt information between internet users and servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires that pieces of information that a user submits to a server are encrypted and they are only decrypted by the receiving device, making sure that no other person can access this information. In addition to that, the information sent through a SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism which checks that all the pieces of information have been coded before sending them. This process allows us to encrypt your personal information and prevent any other or malicious individual from learning about it as an impenetrable coded version of it is being transferred on the internet. Whenever you enter a webpage where you are expected to share personal data or payment details, a lock shows up, which means that you are in a safe environment.

The website fasmahellas.gr does not disclose or share its users’ personal data and details. We collect data for the sole purpose of carrying out transactions successfully. All the information you fill in is safely encrypted.

Your rights and your options

It is crucial that you can control your personal data.

  • You have the right to be informed about everything that concerns you

You have the right to receive clear, transparent and comprehensible information about the usage of your personal data and about your rights.

  • You have the right to access information kept about you

You have the right to access the records we keep of your personal data (there are a few exceptions). There might be a reasonable charge for divulging this type of  information based on the administrative expense of such a service.

  • You have the right to set the record straight

You can ask for the correction of false or invalid personal details, and you can add any information that is missing.

  • You have the right to delete information

In some cases, you can request the deletion of the record of your personal data. You cannot always do that because there may be legal, commercial or fiscal reasons why we need to keep your record active.

  • You have the right to refuse to accept any content for commercial of profiling purposes

You can cancel your registration or refuse to receive promotional materials at any time. The easiest way to do that is by clicking the link titled ‘Unsubscribe’ at the bottom of all our emails. Alternatively, you can contact us in any of the ways mentioned at the bottom of this page. If you want to reject your profiling, you should contact us.

  • You have the right to retract your consent to send your data to us at any time

When we ask for your consent to collect personal data, you are allowed to change your mind and retract the consent you have given us. The retraction of your consent does not affect or does not constitute illegal any personal data processing that was done before this action.

  • You have the right to object to the processing of personal data on the grounds of legitimate interests

You can ask us not to collect and process your personal data when you feel that your human rights are downgraded by our legitimate interests.

  •  You have the right to report us to a supervising authority

You can contact the Data Protection Authorities about our practices of protecting personal data.

  • You have the right to data portability

You have the right to remove, duplicate and move your data from one database to another. You can do this only with the data you have provided and this process is based on a contract or an agreement you have consented to. Then, the agreed actions are conducted automatically.

  • You have the right to restrict our processings

This means that we can store your data, but we are not permitted to utilise or process them. This applies to limited cases as stated in the General Data Protection Regulation, and they include the following scenarios:

  • The accuracy of the personal data is questioned by the individual (meaning you), and gives the person responsible for data processing a deadline to review the validity of the information they have.
  • The processing is illegal, and the data subject (this is you) requests to restrict the use of their personal data, instead of deleting them completely.
  • The data processing manager does not need the data any longer, but it is requested by the data subject for purposes of making and supporting legal claims.
  • The subject data is against the processing of their data based on the legitimate interests of the company until an authority confirms that the company has indeed legitimate reasons to collect and process its website visitors’ personal data.

* We might require you to provide evidence of identification in order to handle your request.

Indicative list of the cookies we use

Cookie Name Cookie Description
FORM_KEY A generated key to keep your requests secure.
PHPSESSID Your session ID in the server.
APISID Google cookies. Learn more in policies.google.com
Ga Google cookies. Learn more in policies.google.com
SAPISID Google cookies. Learn more in policies.google.com
IDE Google cookies. Learn more in policies.google.com
FB-CSRF Facebook cookies. Learn more in facebook.com