Buy and Sell Gold in Athens –
Suggested prices for valuable objects

The prices below include 3,6% stamp duty according to tax legislation.

Gold Sovereigns

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Gold Jewellery

Golden Ring

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Gold Objects

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Why should you sell gold?

Gold has always given a sense of security to households and businesses because people feel that they have a valuable possession, which they can either pass on to their children or sell it in case of an economic emergency.

Gold in all its forms has remained relevant as it plays a crucial role in the stock market and in the global economy in general. Despite the introduction of new players in the global market, like cryptocurrencies, gold is still high in demand, meaning that it is still valuable. This explains why selling gold can provide you with more cash than you have probably expected.

What types of gold do we buy?

  • Gold Sovereigns: Fasma Hellas allows you to both sell gold Sovereigns and other gold coins and buy Sovereigns at the best prices.
  • Gold Bars: Similarly to gold Sovereigns, you can use our services to buy and sell gold bars.
  • Gold Jewellery (bracelets, chains, necklaces, a single or a pair of earrings, rings, wedding rings)
  • Gold Watches
  • Gold Cufflinks
  • Gold Materials in Dentistry (gold teeth)
  • Gold Objects (decorations, key rings, etc.)

Why sell your gold objects?

Everyone agrees that items which have been made of or decorated with gold are impressively beautiful. At the same time, everyone acknowledges that gold objects attract unwanted attention. Their owners have to spend time and money on making sure that their precious gold possessions will not fall into the wrong hands. Installing home security systems, buying a safe or reserving a safe deposit box at a bank are a few ways to keep their belongings safe.

Selling your gold objects, not only do you save yourselves from constantly worrying that they might get corroded or stolen, but also you are to receive cash in return. Money is more practical than a gold object because it is easily hidden in a house or at a bank and it can be used for both repaying debts and going on adventures, like travelling.

Why should you buy gold Sovereigns or gold bars?

In Fasma Hellas you can not only sell your gold objects easily and at a profitable price but also buy gold.

Why should you invest in buying gold Sovereigns and gold bars?

  • Because you obtain a valuable investment, which might cost even more as the years go by.
  • You can keep them for yourselves, pass them on to your children or offer them as a present to a loved one.
  • In case you are in need for money, the process of selling them is quick and effortless.

Why choose Fasma Hellas to buy or sell gold?

Fasma Hellas has been professionally buying, analysing and appraising precious metals since 1974. Throughout all those years, we have worked with numerous laboratories, goldsmiths and silversmiths, jewellery shops and individuals who can vouch for our excellent services.

Our experienced valuers are capable of not only analysing any form of gold that comes their way, but also making profitable offers in order to obtain it. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, in just a few seconds, they know all the elements that make your belonging so precious and they can offer you a price for it that it is difficult to turn down.

Lastly, our team can offer guidance and advice on investing in precious metals, including gold. We can consult and help you avoid dangers in a professional and respectful manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell gold to you?

Yes, you can. We accept all gold items from gold jewellery to gold bars.

Can I buy gold from you?

You can buy gold sovereigns and gold bars from Fasma Hellas.

Why should I trust Fasma Hellas for my purchases?

Fasma Hellas possesses three state-of-the-art spectrometers which appraise every item in a detailed and precise manner. At the end of the procedure, you receive an analysis certificate.

What is the price of gold?

Gold price is determined by the law of supply and demand, which means that it is not always stable. Gold price is estimated and set twice every working day.

Is it wise to invest in gold?

Yes, it is. Gold is a precious metal that has established its great value over the centuries.