Silver and Precious Metals Analysis

Silver Melt


Silver is a chemical element. Its chemical symbol is Ag. Its melting temperature is 916,78 °C.

Silver Ingot

Silver Purity

There is fine, unalloyed silver, which is available as granules or as bars and coins.

What is silver?

Silver, or argentum as it is also known, is a precious metal, such as gold and palladium, with the chemical symbol Ag. It has a white-like colour with a metallic tone. It can be found along with other minerals in the bowels of earth. Miners bring it to the surface and transfer it to factories. There, factory workers melt it — its melting temperature is 961,78°C — so they can sculpt it into any of the many shapes that people are used to using silver as in their everyday life.

It is worth mentioning that silver was one of the first materials that people used in order to survive back at the beginning of human history. Another fun fact is that it is the sole element after which a country was named. The country in question is Argentina.

How is the price of silver calculated?

Silver is measured in degrees. Fine silver is 1000 degrees. When the number of degrees falls and we get numbers like 950, 925 or 800, it means that the amount of silver in a specific object is 95%, 92,5% ή 80% respectively.

Silver objects are usually marked with a stamp, where their degrees can be found. If there is no such stamp, it is possible that it is a silver-plated object, meaning that it was made out of some other material but its exterior was covered by a silver coat.

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What objects are made out of silver?

Silver is an amazing metal as it is essential for the production of numerous things we use every day. A few typical examples of such objects are:

  • Jewellery
  • Coins
  • Cooking and kitchen silverware
  • Mirrors
  • Roll film
  • Medals and trophies
  • Disinfectant and germicide products

Is gold better than silver?

Both gold and silver are noble metals. They seem to be interconnected in many people’s minds — maybe due to their common financial course. Despite their similarities, gold seems to be more highly valued in people’s hearts, and most importantly in global economy markets. Although silver is necessary for the production of many practical and everyday products (see previous question), the price of gold is higher because it is harder to find.

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Silver Analysis: Why should you know the value of your silverware?

There are many households that possess valuable cooking or kitchen silverware, or even silver jewellery without knowing it. It would be a shame for such high-quality objects to wear down just because they did not receive the special care they needed due to ignorance.

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Why should you trust Fasma Hellas to analyse your silverware?

Fasma Hellas has been in the precious metals business for about 50 years. During all this time, it has worked with laboratories, merchants, jewellers, and individuals, and it has always made sure that its clients obtain excellent and high-quality materials and products. How has it managed to do that? Firstly, it is always careful with all its purchases of gold, silver and other precious metals. Secondly, it invests in not only obtaining the latest equipment but also employing expert and professional valuers. One final reason why all its clients are extremely satisfied with its services is because they receive a certificate of the analysis of their objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items do you accept for silver analysis?

We can analyse all kinds of silver items from jewellery to medals.

How many silver items can I bring for an analysis?

There is no limit to the number of silver items we accept for analysis. We are capable of analysing multiple items fast and accurately.

How long does the silver analysis last?

Our spectrometers produce an accurate report on up to 50 items in 20 seconds. Then, an expert discusses the results of this report with you for as much time as you want.

Am I going to receive a certificate of the analysis?

You will receive a certificate of every analysed item.

Once the silver analysis is over, can I sell some of the items to you?

If you wish, you can sell your silver items to Fasma Hellas at great prices.