What objects do we accept for assay with ultrasonic measuring?

The list of things that can be subjected to a purity test with a modern ultrasonic measuring tool is huge: pieces of jewellery, bars and metallic objects are the main categories. Even if your object is coated with another material, for example a silver bracelet plated with gold, it does not affect the accuracy of the results of this tool. 

What makes this specific method of metal assay stand out compared to the rest of our services is the fact that all kinds of metals can be assessed accurately. To be more exact, an expensive item may not have been made of precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, platinum) exclusively. Ultrasonic measuring allows experts to “see”, to penetrate the specific object and understand if other materials like aluminium or zinc are part of its make-up. People who possess precious metal alloys should assay their purity by testing their complex structure.

How do we assay materials using the ultrasonic measuring device?

As the name of the instrument suggests, the science of ultrasound is utilised so that an expert can “see” inside any kind of object and understand if it has been contaminated with other metals. To be more specific, the sound wave that pierces through the object does the job. This wave measures the thickness of the object. If the digits that are shown on the device are unexpected, then an odd material exists inside this object and distorts the results.

Why should you test metal purity with an ultrasonic measuring tool

  • In order to be sure about the quality of your personal belongings. 
  • So that you can offer them the level of care that they truly need. 
  • To obtain a certificate of authenticity.
  • Not to devalue them by accepting an offer that does not correspond to their actual value.
  • To set a fair and profitable selling price.

Why choose Fasma Hellas to assay metals using ultrasonic measuring?

Fasma Hellas has been working in the precious metal industry for about 50 years. All these years, it successfully cooperates and serves jewellery stores, goldsmiths’ and silversmiths’ workshops, sellers, collectors and any other person or business that wishes to confirm the value of their metals. Besides the state-of-the-art spectrometers, the addition of ultrasonic measuring tools to its equipment allows Fasma Hellas to assay an even greater number of metallic objects. Whatever metals have been used for the creation of your possessions, Fasma Hellas can vouch or question their purity thanks to its ultrasonic measuring instruments and its specialised personnel.

* The company has a business licence for all its available services.*
* Jewellery merchants are requested to bring a consignment note and vouchers. Individuals will be asked to show their national identity card.*

Frequently Asked Questions

What items does Fasma Hellas assay using an ultrasonic measuring device?

All metallic objects can be subjected to authenticity tests using the ultrasonic measuring method. Precious and non-precious metals can be examined closely.

How many objects can I bring for assay using the ultrasonic measuring instrument?

There is no restriction on the number of objects you can bring.

How long does it take to assay metals using the ultrasonic measuring device?

It is a fast process that requires only a couple of minutes.

Will I get a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, you will. Fasma Hellas offers a certificate of authenticity once this service is completed successfully.