What is the earth analysis for the detection of precious metals?

The earth analysis for the detection of precious metals is a scientific process of studying a soil or rock sample of an area with the aim of finding the presence of noble metals. This goal is achieved through the complete identification of the structure of elements of the sample using cutting-edge equipment and the specialised knowledge of the analyst.

How is the earth analysis conducted for the detection of precious metals?

The earth analysis for the detection of precious metals begins with the collection of soil or rock samples from a particular area of interest. These elements should be taken from the surface, as well as the subsurface of the ground. If you are uncertain about the quality or the quantity of the sample, it is strongly recommended to contact the experts of Fasma Hellas, who will give you the best guidance on the way of conducting this process of collecting samples.

The “magic” starts when the sample is delivered to the laboratory. First of all, the elements must be prepared for the analysis. For instance, large rocks must be broken into smaller pieces or the soil must be sifted. After that, the sample is ready to undergo the appropriate analysis using the laboratory’s modern equipment. These specific machines, such as spectrometers, can recognize the chemical structure of each element and record the amount of metal and non-precious metals, providing the specialists with significant information that would be otherwise unavailable.

The work of the professionals, of course, does not end there. By having the analysis of the composition of each sample material in their hands, they can draw secure conclusions for the existence or absence of precious metals within the small set or in general in the area which it was taken from. The process is completed with the meticulous presentation of the scientific results to the interested person.

How do soil and rocks show the presence of precious metals in the area?

Of course, the request for soil or rock samples for the detection of precious metals is not random. Precious metals are associated with specific geological processes, such as hydrothermal or volcanic activities, leading to mineralisation. This causes veins or fractures in rocks, creating excellent conditions for the formation of precious metals. Geologists and analysts study the concentration of specific minerals in rocks or the ground because it indicates metal deposits. For example, minerals such as quartz and pyrite are evidence for the existence of gold deposits.

Why choose Fasma Hellas for the earth analysis for the detection of precious metals?

The laboratory for analysis of precious metals, named Fasma Hellas, possesses the necessary expertise for conducting such a sophisticated scientific process. Having invested in excellent and cutting-edge equipment, such as X-Strata 980 spectrometers and ultrasonic thickness gauges, Fasma Hellas experts have the opportunity to access the internal layers of objects, even when dealing with soil. In this way, they can confidently assess the relationship a specific sample has with various precious metals.

They use technological evidence in order to present their findings to the interested parties and officially certify them. With over 50 years of experience in the field of laboratory analysis and a rich customer base, Fasma Hellas responds to every need with reliability and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sample for the earth analysis consists of soil and rocks which are taken from the surface and the subsurface of a specific land.

The answer is no. You should bring the sample to Fasma Hella’s offices. If you have any inquiries regarding the way of sample collection, you can contact the company.

Different factors may influence the time that is demanded for obtaining detailed conclusions. It is advisable to wait approximately one week.

Yes, you will. This service is completed with the provision of certification presenting the findings of the specific analysis.

It depends on the results and the needs of each customer. Fasma Hellas can assist you through scientific analyses of precious metals and provide consulting services, too.