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Gold is a chemical element. Its chemical symbol is Au. Its melting temperature is 1,064.43 °C.

Gold Bars

Purity of gold

Gold purity is divided into carats and carats divide respectively in degrees.

What is gold?

Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au. It is found in a solid state deep within the Earth. It is a shiny, yellowish metal that humans can easily process and alter its state based on their needs. To be more specific, people can melt gold, meaning that they turn it from a solid to a liquid state, by raising the temperature to 1,064.43 °C.

Gold is a precious metal as it has great financial value. In ancient times, it was the main source for making coins, jewellery and other creations. After the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, Europe ceased using it as a financial means because it did not facilitate the exorbitant costs of providing for military needs.

Although gold lost its prestigious status, it remains a sought-after and precious metal. It continues to play an important role in the economy since many international banks hold gold reserves and gold investments are common. Additionally, gold is used for crafting numerous objects, like jewellery, dental caps, computer and industrial components.

What types of gold does Fasma Hellas accept?

You can trust Fasma Hellas with a great variety of gold objects as we are capable of informing you about the exact percentage of gold they consist of. Some typical examples of gold objects we encounter are:

  • Gold Sovereigns
  • Gold Coins
  • Gold Bars
  • Gold Jewellery
  • Gold Vessels
  • Gold Dental Materials

If you wish, after the gold anaysis, you can sell your gold belongings to Fasma Hellas.

How is gold price determined?

The purity of gold, like diamonds, is measured in carats. It is important to know that it is a common practice to mix gold with other metals, such as silver, copper, iron, and so on, so that it is cheaper to make. When we talk about a 24-carat gold object, it means that this thing is made out of pure, unalloyed gold.The lower the number of carats is, the less amount of gold it was used for the creation of the particular object.

Why should you test the purity of the gold object you have?

Gold, in all its shapes and forms, is a great capital asset, which you can even use as evidence of wealth and prosperity. Therefore, you should be a hundred percent certain that your possessions are indeed as valuable as you believe. Especially about things that factor in your net worth, you should not just assume or trust people who are not experienced valuers.

If you decide that you want to sell a gold coin or object for whatever reason, you should know its worth beforehand in order not to be scammed and accept a price that is lower than its actual value. Choosing to sell your gold to Fasma Hellas, you do not need to worry about frauds as you will receive a great offer.

Why choose Fasma Hellas to test your gold belongings?

Fasma Hellas has been in the gold business for about 50 years. Its successful course in the field rests on our principle of offering excellent buying and analysing services of all kinds of precious metals, including gold. How do we do that? We are equipped with state-of-the-art spectrometers, which produce quick and detailed reports of every testing. Our customers are not only treated with the ultimum respect and care but also they receive a certificate proving the mak-up of their belongings.

Analysis of Gold Purity

Carats Degree Celsius Gold Purity %
8 333 33,3%
9 375 37,5%
10 417 41,7%
12 500 50,0%
14 583 58,3%
18 750 75,0%
21 857 87,5%
22 916 91,6%
24 999 99,9%

Official Gold Coins per Country

Types Weight in Gr Purity Diameter in Mm Amount of Pure Gold
British Sovereign
7.9881 916° 22 7.322
VICTORIA 7.9881 916° 22 7.322
EDWARD 7.9881 916° 22 7.322
GEORGE 7.9881 916° 22 7.322
ELIZABETH 7.9881 916° 22 7.322
645.16 900° 21 5.806
VRENELLI 1897-1933
645.16 900° 21 5.806
31.103 999° 30 31.103
100 KORONA 1908
33.875 900° 37 30.487
33,875 900° 37 30,487
4 DUCAT 1915
13,963 986° 39 13,777
20 DOLLARS 1907-1933
33,437 900° 34 30,093
LIBERTY 1877-1907 33,43 900° 34 30,093
50 PESOS 1947
41,66 900° 37 37,499
20 PESOS 1959 16,66 900° 27 14,999
33,956 916° 32,3 31,103
2 KRUGERRAND 1961 7,988 916° 22 7,322
10 RUBLES 1923-1975
8.605 900° 22.5 7.744

Units to Weigh Gold

1 TROY= 1 OUNCE = 31,103 GRAMS
32,151 OUNCES = 1 KILO = 1000 GRAMS

Gold Sovereigns

One of the most common coins are the British Sovereigns, most of which are decorated by the busts of several kings and queens.

Characteristics of Gold Sovereigns:
WEIGHT 7,98 gr

Mints where gold sovereigns have been made: British: London, Australian: Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, South Africa, India, Canada.

Xrisi Lira 51
Xrisi Lira 52

British Gold Sovereign,
George III 1817 – 1820

Xrisi Lira 12
Xrisi Lira 10

British Gold Sovereign,
George IV 1820 – 1830

Xrisi Lira 55
Xrisi Lira 56

British Gold Sovereign, William IV 1831 – 1837

Xrisi Lira 57
Xrisi Lira 8

Χρυσή Λίρα Αγγλίας, Victoria 1838 – 1887

Xrisi LIra 59
Xrisi Lira 60

British Gold Sovereign, Victoria 1887 – 1893

Xrisi Lira 61
Xrisi Lira 7

British Gold Sovereign, Victoria 1893 – 1901

Xrisi Lira 13
Xrisi Lira 64

British Gold Sovereign, Edward VI 1902 – 1910

Xrisi Lira 9
Xrisi Lira 66

British Gold Sovereign, George V 1911 – 1932

Xrisi Lira 68
Xrisi Lira 67

British Gold Sovereign, Elizabeth II 1957 – 1968

Xrisi Lira 28
Xrisi Lira 67

British Gold Sovereign, Elizabeth II 1974 – 1982

Xrisi Lira 14
Xrisi Lira 76

British Gold Sovereign, Elizabeth II 2012

Xrisi Lira 4
Xrisi Lira 71

British Gold Sovereign, Elizabeth II 2000 – 2015

Xrisi Lira 11
Xrisi Lira 80

British Gold Sovereign, Elizabeth II 2020

Invest in Gold

One of the most common ways people can invest in gold is by buying gold bars and gold sovereigns from trusted banks.

Their purity ranges from 995,0 to 999,9 degrees. Their weight also varies as you can find a bar of just 1, 5 or 10 grams up to 1 kilo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items do you accept for gold analysis?

Fasma Hellas can analyse all kinds of gold items from jewellery to materials used in dentistry.

How many gold items can I bring for an analysis?

Our state-of-the-art X-Strata 980 spectrometer can analyse up to 50 items simultaneously in just a few seconds. Thus, you can bring as many items as you want.

How long does the gold analysis last?

In just 20 seconds, our machines print a detailed report on your items. Our experienced staff can explain the results of this report to you for as long as you would like.

Am I going to receive a certificate of the analysis?

Once the procedure is complete, you are going to receive a certificate of every single item we have analysed.

Once the gold analysis is over, can I sell some of the items to you?

Yes, you can. Fasma Hellas buys gold in all its forms at excellent prices.