Analysis of Gold Purity

Carats Degree Celsius Gold Purity %
8 333 33,3%
9 375 37,5%
10 417 41,7%
12 500 50,0%
14 583 58,3%
18 750 75,0%
21 857 87,5%
22 916 91,6%
24 999 99,9%

Official Gold Coins per Country

Types Weight in Gr Purity Diameter in Mm Amount of Pure Gold
British Sovereign
7.9881 916 22 7.322
VICTORIA 7.9881 916 22 7.322
EDWARD 7.9881 916 22 7.322
GEORGE 7.9881 916 22 7.322
ELIZABETH 7.9881 916 22 7.322
645.16 900 21 5.806
VRENELLI 1897-1933
645.16 900 21 5.806
31.103 999 30 31.103
100 KORONA 1908
33.875 900 37 30.487
33,875 900 37 30,487
4 DUCAT 1915
13,963 986 39 13,777
20 DOLLARS 1907-1933
33,437 900 34 30,093
LIBERTY 1877-1907 33,43 900 34 30,093
50 PESOS 1947
41,66 900 37 37,499
20 PESOS 1959 16,66 900 27 14,999
33,956 916 32,3 31,103
2 KRUGERRAND 1961 7,988 916 22 7,322
10 RUBLES 1923-1975
8.605 900 22.5 7.744

What is the historical significance of gold sovereigns?

Gold sovereigns have deep-rooted historical significance, embodying eras of political change, economic dynamics and cultural developments. Originating in England in the late 15th century, these coins, first minted during the reign of Henry VII, symbolise the consolidation of the monarch’s power and the rise of the Tudor dynasty. Over time, sovereigns emerged as powerful symbols of economic diplomacy and royal propaganda, demonstrating the power and stability of monarchs. Their wide circulation facilitated global trade, enhancing the reach of the British Empire during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Furthermore, they played a pivotal role in crucial historical junctures, such as the Industrial Revolution and the two World Wars. Their stability and intrinsic value made them valuable assets during economic turmoil. Even today, as collectible items they retain their charm as symbols of wealth, past prestige and historical heritage.

Why sell gold Sovereigns?

As you must know or have gathered so far, Sovereigns are valuable coins. So, why would anyone want to sell them? There are several reasons that can lead someone to this decision. First of all, many people avoid having valuables in their house so as not to suffer from a great financial damage in case of a burglary. Thus, they feel safer to deposit their money in banks and/or invest in stocks or cryptocurrencies. Such financial moves seem more secure as they can track the market and act according to its ups and downs so as to maximise their profit.

Additionally, if you are struggling financially, you can sell your Sovereigns to Fasma Hellas for a sum of money that will definitely help you out.

What factors affect the selling price of gold sovereigns?

  • Fluctuations in the gold market bring about changes and directly affect its selling price.
  • The overall condition of the coin, including wear, alteration or damage, plays a primary role in determining its sale price.
  • Rare or limited edition gold coins command higher prices due to rarity and this creates the desire for more demand from collectors.
  • Coins with significant historical relevance, such as those associated with specific events or periods, may command a higher value in their selling price.
  • The dynamics of supply and demand greatly affect the selling price, with increased demand often driving prices up.
  • The unique features and mint marks contribute to the monetary value of the gold pound, influencing its selling price.

Why choose Fasma Hellas for the sale of gold sovereigns?

With a long-standing base in the sphere of precious metals for 50 years, and with modern machinery in its possession, such as advanced spectrographs and ultrasonic calipers, Fasma Hellas is increasingly gaining the loyalty and trust of customers in the field of gold pound sales. Their experienced team of professional appraisers meticulously evaluates each coin, ensuring sellers receive fair and competitive prices.Moreover, transparency and integrity are prioritised, providing clear documentation and accurate valuations of each type and form of gold. Whether you are an experienced collector or new to sales, entrusting your personal gold sovereigns to Fasma Hellas promises peace of mind and security regarding your investment, since the final stage of the process is accompanied by the issuance of a gold analysis certificate that seals the validity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for selling my personal gold sovereigns?

To sell your gold sovereigns, start with an appraisal by an experienced appraiser at Fasma Hellas to find out their value. Once you have the assessment, check the offer provided. Complete the sale by ensuring secure payment and proper documentation, having all the necessary certificates.

Why should I sell a gold sovereign?

Selling your gold sovereigns is a practical way to turn an illiquid asset into useful money. Benefiting from high gold prices, it gives you quick access to cash or helps you reallocate funds to other investments.

I have a sovereign that might be a fake. What should I do?

Despite common features, some sovereigns are designed differently from the start. Fasma Hellas' experienced appraisers and its modern spectrographs can confirm with confidence whether your coin is fake or not.

How can I determine the value of gold sovereigns before I sell them?

To find out the value of your pounds, look at the current market price of gold and assess the condition and rarity of the coin. Although there are online valuation tools, it would be a good idea to take advantage of the valuable assistance of the specialised staff of Fasma Hellas.

Can I sell gold sovereigns that are not in good condition?

Sure, you can sell gold sovereigns even if they are not in excellent condition. Simply, their value may decrease compared to how it was initially. When pricing, buyers consider factors, such as wear and damage.