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We are members of the Gold/Silver Smith Federation in Greece, and we have been operating a successful precious metals business since 1974.

The basic characteristics of our company are the accuracy of our testing results, our diligence and our respect towards clients. Our experienced valuers utilise state-of-the-art machines, and they are ready to meet any challenge.

We work with gold and silver laboratories, merchants, shops and individuals who want to know the worth of their jewellery and other valuable possessions.

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Analysis of Precious Metals

We are the sole testing precious metals laboratory with 3 spectrometers.

The X-Strata 980 is the most modern and precise spectrometer to test and appraise jewellery, coins and an alloy of different metals.



The X-rays can complete the procedure and produce a report detailing all the elements and metals that make up an object in just 20 seconds.



Fasma Hellas is the only company which possesses spectrometers powerful enough to analyse up to 50 objects at once.



We provide you with a certificate of the analysis results for each of your belongings.


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Appraisal for Jewellery Insurance

Obtain the obligatory appraisal for jewellery insurance now.

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Ultrasonic Measuring for Metal Purity

You can now test the value of all your possessions.

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