Analysis of Gold Purity

Carats Degree Celsius Gold Purity %
8 333 33,3%
9 375 37,5%
10 417 41,7%
12 500 50,0%
14 583 58,3%
18 750 75,0%
21 857 87,5%
22 916 91,6%
24 999 99,9%

Official Gold Coins per Country

Types Weight in Gr Purity Diameter in Mm Amount of Pure Gold
British Sovereign
7.9881 916 22 7.322
VICTORIA 7.9881 916 22 7.322
EDWARD 7.9881 916 22 7.322
GEORGE 7.9881 916 22 7.322
ELIZABETH 7.9881 916 22 7.322
645.16 900 21 5.806
VRENELLI 1897-1933
645.16 900 21 5.806
31.103 999 30 31.103
100 KORONA 1908
33.875 900 37 30.487
33,875 900 37 30,487
4 DUCAT 1915
13,963 986 39 13,777
20 DOLLARS 1907-1933
33,437 900 34 30,093
LIBERTY 1877-1907 33,43 900 34 30,093
50 PESOS 1947
41,66 900 37 37,499
20 PESOS 1959 16,66 900 27 14,999
33,956 916 32,3 31,103
2 KRUGERRAND 1961 7,988 916 22 7,322
10 RUBLES 1923-1975
8.605 900 22.5 7.744

What are gold sovereigns?

The first gold Sovereign was ordered to be minted by Henry VII (1457 – 1509), the British king who founded the Tudor dynasty. He managed to restore a state of affluence in the country after the end of the civil wars during that time, known as Wars of Roses. As a way to show the economic growth, he ordered the first gold Sovereign to be made, which went into circulation in 1489. The expansion and dominance of the British Empire turned this British gold coin into the most popular coin in the world compared to the gold coins other countries had made earlier. Of course, later kings and queens, like Victoria, Edward VI, Elizabeth I and so on, followed Henry’s example and had their own Sovereigns made, showing their portraits.

To date, Sovereigns are valuable because besides their material, they are historic collectibles, which have not been produced systematically. Gold coins from other countries are as valuable as Sovereigns. Their only difference is that the latter is more widely known to the general public.

Why buy gold Sovereigns?

  • To create or improve your collection of unique objects of economic and/or sentimental value.
  • To get a great present for yourselves.
  • To give your loved ones the perfect present on special occasions.
  • To be passed down as a family heirloom. Gold is perfect for such uses because it is resistant and it does not rust with the passage of time.
  • It is a safe investment since Sovereigns are reputable in the whole world and the price of gold is likely to increase even more in years to come.
  • Buying Sovereigns now means that you will be able to sell them to Fasma Hellas in case you are in need of money in the future.

Why sell gold Sovereigns?

As you must know or have gathered so far, Sovereigns are valuable coins. So, why would anyone want to sell them? There are several reasons that can lead someone to this decision. First of all, many people avoid having valuables in their house so as not to suffer from a great financial damage in case of a burglary. Thus, they feel safer to deposit their money in banks and/or invest in stocks or cryptocurrencies. Such financial moves seem more secure as they can track the market and act according to its ups and downs so as to maximise their profit.

Additionally, if you are struggling financially, you can sell your Sovereigns to Fasma Hellas for a sum of money that will definitely help you out.

Why choose Fasma Hellas to buy and sell gold Sovereigns?

Fasma Hellas has been working in the gold business since 1974. Its presence in the field all those years and its excellent partnerships with many laboratories, jewellery shops, merchants and individuals confirm their impeccable services to all its clients.

Fasma Hellas has invested in its personnel, as it employs professional valuers, and its equipment, since it has bought state-of-the-art spectrometers, which analyse all kinds and shapes of gold in great detail. The combination of people and technology guarantees that in Fasma Hellas you will not only find immaculate gold Sovereigns but also receive a fair and profitable offer for selling your own Sovereigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell if a sovereign is fake?

The first things you should examine are its weight, its colour and its content. You should consult an expert before you buy a sovereign.

I want to buy a sovereign but I don’t have much money to spend.

Sovereigns are relatively expensive because they are made of gold. One such coin usually costs about 350 to 400 euros. You can buy a half or quarter sovereign, which is worth about 200 to 300 euros.

What characteristics of a sovereign does a valuer examine?

Experienced valuers examine the traits of the coin such as its weight, its diameter, the clarity of gold. Then, they check where and when the coin was created, and they observe its design.

I have a sovereign that might be fake. What should I do?

Despite the common characteristics, some sovereigns are made differently. The experienced valuers at Fasma Hellas and its modern spectrometers can tell you if your coin is a fake or not.

Why should I buy a gold sovereign?

Gold sovereigns are an investment since you possess a valuable item, which is going to be worth even more in the near future. This is why gold sovereigns are either an excellent present or a safe introduction to gold investments.