Fasma Hellas  is committed to providing high-quality services and the effort to develop an innovative research and work environment. The management of the company is committed to Quality management. The commitment of the leadership and all of the company’s staff to the continuous improvement of the services provided is a strategic goal of the administration.


Fasma Hellas’s philosophy aims to create long-term relationships with its customers.


Fasma Hellas never proposes anything to its clients that will not bring real business value and reward to their investment. In addition to its core philosophy, Fasma Hellas’s strategic goal is to be a beneficial partner of its customers throughout its cooperation.


Our company recognizes Quality as a fundamental element in implementing its vision and achieving its mission. At the core of the Quality Management Policy is the commitment of the company’s management and personnel to the reliable and continuous improvement of the provided quality services and the partnerships created.


Through establishing and continuously reviewing, redesigning, and redefining the Quality Management System, Fasma Hellas is committed to achieving even higher performance.


The company’s management encourages quality assurance and continuous improvement in the Quality Management Policy context. Fasma Hellas  defines specific key performance indicators (KPIs) which are reviewed at regular intervals, aiming at :

  1. delivering services efficiently
  2. continuously improving and upgrading the customer support process,
  3. recruiting highly qualified and trained personnel and the continuous development of its human resources,
  4. continuously developing and evolving its information systems, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies,
  5. continuously improving business performance,
  6. maximizing the satisfaction of service recipients,
  7. improving the attractiveness and internationalization of the company,
  8. adopting all the necessary processes and procedures that will ensure the uninterrupted and reliable internal and external evaluation of the company, which in turn feeds back the planning of the Quality Objectives,
  9. protecting intellectual property,

The Quality Management Policy’s primary concern and general objective is improving operational performance while simultaneously creating added value for the recipients, utilizing human resources experience, knowledge, and dynamics.

Fasma Hellas has installed, implements, and continuously improves a Quality Management System under the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015.

The above structure is a solid and impenetrable support, control, and administration framework for the  Quality Management System.

Fasma Hellas implements the Quality Management Policy through:

  • the commitment to comply with the legal and regulatory framework,
  • establishing, reviewing, redesigning, and redefining quality management objectives, which align with the company’s strategy,
  • its dissemination to interested parties,
  • internal controls.

Fasma Hellas management considers  the Quality Management System an essential means of strengthening its position due to:

  1. continuous improvement of the quality of the services,
  2. cost reduction,
  3. continuous improvement of the organization’s efficiency,
  4. the promotion of innovation.

Regular Management Reviews set out the framework and mechanism for defining and reviewing Quality Objectives and targets.

The continuous improvement of performance and the prevention of problems – non-conformities- require awareness and systematic control of each process and as a whole. For the control of the existing processes, Fasma Hellas implements:

  1. Clear definition of responsibilities for each process and job position.
  2. Written documentation of how the work should be performed (Procedures, Work Instructions, Control Instructions, etc.) where this is deemed necessary.
  3. Identification of incoming and outgoing information
  4. Continuous control of identified processes.
  5. Documentation that proves the quality of the services provided.
  6. Elaboration of programs to achieve quality objectives and goals.
  7. Procedure to ensure that deviations are systematically dealt with (corrective actions) to continuously improve operations and create a framework for error prevention (preventive actions).

Failure to comply with this Policy creates legal and non-legal consequences.

The Quality Management Policy of Fasma Hellas is made public, disseminated, and applied to its interested parties so that all take responsibility for the quality management assigned to them.