King Henry 1489

The golden pound of Henry VI was a symbol of power, contributing to the strength of England.

Edward VI 1550

The golden pound of Edward VI in 1550 was the main gold currency in England.

James 1603

The golden pound of James I in 1603 was a symbol of power and economic stability.

Charles I 1662

The golden pound of Charles I in 1662 was a gold coin that circulated in England.

1775 George III

The gold guinea coin of 1775 depicts the fourth official portrait of King George III.

1816 George IV

It was created in 1816, during the reign of George IV, as a reliable currency.

Georgius III 1817

The first modern Pound coin. Minted in 1817 under George III’s reign.

George III 1817-1820

The George III Gold Pound is the first modern British Gold Pound.

Georgius IV 1821

Rare 1821 gold coin with portrait of King George IV by Benedetto Pistrucci.

George IV 1821-1830

The Gold Pound of England under George IV is collectible due to the absence of Saint George.

William IV 1831-1837

The gold Sovereigns of William IV often feature W.W. initials.

Victoria 1838-1887

The Victorian pound, minted from 1838. An important period in British history.

Victoria 1887-1893 Jubilee portrait

The Victoria pound with the Jubilee portrait was struck 1887–1893.

Victoria 1893-1898 Veiled head

These coins were minted towards the end of Victoria’s reign.

Perth Mint Victoria

The Victorian Gold Pound Perth Mint, struck 1899-1901.

Edward VII 1902-1910

Issued from 1908 to 1910 by the Canadian Mint in Ottawa.

George V 1911-1932

The gold pound of George V, minted from 1911 to 1932.

George V 1918

The Gold Pound of George V was minted by the Indian Mint in 1918.

George V 1923-1932

The George V gold pound struck from the South African Mint from 1923 to 1932.

George VI 1937-1952

The George VI gold pound, minted from 1937 to 1952, represents the period of his reign in Britain.

Elizabeth 1957

Elizabeth’s gold pound, minted since 1957, represents the period of her reign in the United Kingdom.

Elizabeth 2012

The 2012 Queen Elizabeth Gold Pound is a rare commemorative coin from the Royal Mint.

Charles III 2022

The Charles of England gold pound was struck in 2022 by the Llantrisant mint in England.

Charles III 2023

The 2023 gold pound is a special issue to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III.

Charles III 2024

The 2024 Gold Pound of England with Charles III remains uncirculated, weighing 7.32 grams of pure gold.

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