Gold is a noble metal with an opulent history and priceless value. Possessing such an item, whether it is a gold coin or a piece of jewelry, constitutes a pivotal financial investment. This is true only if your acquisition is made from pure gold or high-quality alloy. The appropriate certificates that accompany such a purchase are significant. However, a technical analysis of gold with circumstantial methods from reliable metal analysis centres is crucial, too. Fasma Hellas presents scientifically valid techniques for gold analysis to certify the value of your personal items or professional materials.

Gold Technical Analysis with Spectrometres

Technology in the field of valuable metal analysis has advanced rapidly with the creation of spectrometres. They are unique machines that not only give accurate and detailed results for the metals which constitute the structure of an object, but also complete the analysis in a few seconds. More particularly, spectrometres use X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology. This means that X-rays touch the objects and, in turn, these objects emit fluorescent X-rays. The numbers from the measurements of these X-rays are relevant to specific chemical elements that allow experts to find out the identity and quality of an object’s metals. This procedure does not influence or harm the object in any way.

Gold Technical Analysis with Ultrasonic Measuring Device

Beyond X-rays, sound waves can be used to verify the value of an object. Ultrasonic measuring for metal purity is achieved while a sound wave penetrates the examined material. The final measurement of the metal thickness allows the expert to understand whether it is pure gold or a fake object, as the values of each chemical element are specific.

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Gold Appraisal by a Professional

A professional appraiser has the ability to examine a gold item and understand its value. By carefully examining the seals and marks a company places on its product and knowing the properties and peculiarities of gold, expert analysts have the knowledge demanded for both authenticity recognition of gold and the economic value calculation of each material and object that may be in their experienced hands.

Technical Analysis of Gold with an Electronic Metre

A gadget that can prove useful for individuals who desire to assess the value of their items quickly is an electronic gold meter. Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity which explains why the electric current can reveal whether a material is real gold or not. By passing electric current through the examined material an appraisal of the metal purity is provided. It is important to say that this specific technique is less precise and scientifically circumstantial than those which have already been mentioned before.

It is crucial for individuals and entrepreneurs who buy gold in any form to certify its quality, so that they can be definitely certain that they have received material corresponding to the money they invested.