When we hear the term “gold coins”, our thoughts are about the well-known gold pounds. Of course, pounds have the first place on the list of the most renowned gold coins, but there are several choices of gold coins that do not lack investment and collectible value. At Fasma Hellas, we have gathered 4 of them.

20 Francs: The French Gold Rooster

The rooster was the symbol of the French Revolution and later, during the First World War, the French resistance against Prussia. It gave its nickname to this gold coin with a face value of 20 Francs. On the front side of the coin, you will find the portrait of Marianne, who represents the French Republic. This specific coin weighs 6.45 grams and has a gold content of 90%. Compared to the pound, it is lighter and its gold content is a bit smaller. However, it is a particularly beautiful and coveted coin.

20 Φράγκα: Το γαλλικό χρυσό κοκοράκι!

10 Guldens: Queen Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina was the Queen of the Netherlands from 1890 to 1948 and for this reason this coin has been out there with 4 portraits of her, showing her from a young age to an older age. On the reverse side of the coin, its face value and the coat of arms of Denmark are found. Generally, this specific coin resembles a pound but there is a difference in weight. It weighs 6.72 grams and its gold content is 90%. It is quite known for both investment and collector’s aims.

10 Pesos: The Gold Coin from Mexico

It is a coin whose weight exceeds that of the pound. A few tenths of gram make the difference, as it weighs 8.33 grams and its purity is slightly smaller, at 90%. On the reverse side, there is the emblematic symbol of the eagle holding a serpent in its mouth, which is a symbol of the triumph of good over evil. On the front side, there is the iconic portrait of Hidalgo,a leading figure, in the struggle for the independence of Mexico. According to the face values, the relevant coin is found in bigger denominations, up to 50 pesos with a weight that exceeds 40 grams and of course, it has a higher face value.

10 Rubles: Tsar Nicholas II

The ruble is a particularly well-known coin. It is equivalent in size to the English pound but it is slightly heavier at 8.6 grams and it has a gold purity of 90%, similar to others. It was minted for only a few years, during the years of the reign of Tsar Nicholas II, from 1898 to 1911. It is the last Russian coin which has the portrait of the tsar on the front side but on the reverse one, we find the double-headed eagle of Russia. The historical meaning of this particular coin gives it special collector and investment value as well.

At Fasma Hellas, we are responsible for appraising and purchasing a range of gold coins you may possess or wish to acquire. We have the appropriate machinery in order to ensure the quality of the objects and guarantee purchases at the most competitive market prices.