The gold sovereign is a landmark coin, widely known, popular and widespread. Since the time it first circulated, in 1817 in London, a number of pieces have been minted with portraits of different British monarchs, up to nowadays with the latest depicting the portrait of King Charles. At Fasma Hellas, we explain the factors that form the value of a sovereign different from the regular one and we have also made a list of the rarest and most expensive ones.

The price of a sovereign can vary in the value of common sovereigns and this constitutes a combination of three factors: the year of minting, the number of coins minted in conjunction with the number of coins which have remained and its collectible value of each coin.

The Year of Minting

It has been observed that buyers of sovereigns, whether it is about investors or collectors, prefer to purchase older pieces. This approach contributes to forming the prices of older sovereigns relatively higher. For instance, sovereigns presenting the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, tend to have a lower value compared to those featuring George III which have,of course,a higher one.

The Number of Coins Minted

The law of supply and demand,as well as the gold reserves remaining in each period had an influence in the number of coins minted. Furthermore, for the same reasons, in the following years, lots of pieces were destroyed after being given for melting. The combination of these two factors has made some sovereigns especially rare and has clearly formed their prices increasingly.

The Collectible Value

The collectible value plays an important role in forming the price of each coin. Some pieces are sought after in the realm of collectors. A characteristic example is the sovereigns with the first portrait of Queen Victoria, which on the reverse side, St. George killing the dragon is not presented. On the contrary, they depict a heraldic shield.These sovereigns were minted in fewer pieces and have a higher value compared to those presenting St. George. Moreover, for collector’s purposes the price is shaped according to the condition of the coin and the damages it has undergone. Gold sovereigns in excellent conditions are usually certified for their state and acquire the relevant adding value.

Οι σπανιότερες κοπές

The Three Rarest Mintings:

  • 1819 with the portrait of George III: At about 3,500 pieces were minted.
  • 1838 with the portrait of Victoria and the heraldic shield:Approximately 3,000 pieces were minted.
  • 1917 with the portrait of George V: This was the last minting from the London Mint during World War II. At about 1,300 pieces were minted.

At Fasma Hellas, we have the necessary expertise to guide you in relation to the value of your sovereigns and give you helpful directions for buying or selling such objects. Since you ask for our help, you will have the ability to find high-quality gold coins and sell the items you may have at your best possible prices.