Golden pounds constitute a valuable gift, which is given on special occasions, such as weddings, baptisms, births etc. This is due to the fact that gold is a timeless metal and for this reason, when it is offered as a gift, it symbolises stability. It shows the giver’s wish to build a long-lasting relationship with the recipient. At the same time, due to its significant value, it highlights the worth of the relationship between the two members. At Fasma Hellas, we explain what someone should know before buying a golden pound and what to pay attention to as well.

Features of the Coin

The most important thing has to do with the characteristics of the pound. A golden pound of England weighs 7.98 grams and its purity is 22 carats, namely it is 91,6% gold. Another significant element is that golden pounds were not only minted in the UK, but also in other parts of the British Commonwealth, such as Australia, Canada, South Africa and India. All of them have the features of the value of the British pound and they are distinguished by the mint mark of their relative mints they bear. Last but not least, it is important to mention that a pound, except for its metal value, is a coin with a collectible value, too. The first golden pound, in the form we recognise today with the portrait of the King or Queen on the first side and St George on the other one, was minted in London in 1817. However, the number of pounds that appeared every year varied importantly. As a consequence, some pounds have gained significant collectible value and are rarely found in the market at significantly higher prices.

τα χαρακτηριστικά της λίρας


What to Pay Attention to?

Caution: Before purchasing a pound, you must be certain about its quality and authenticity. There are lots of imitations. There are the so-called counterfeit or counterfeit pounds, which in most cases are made of other materials, such as tungsten and are simply covered in gold. Another category of pounds is those made of gold with features almost the same with the regular ones. However, they lack the collectible value of genuine pounds.

What can you do to ensure the authenticity of the pound you will purchase? Of course, trust someone who is a professional. However, even a professional gold trader may be deceived by a very good imitation. At Fasma Hellas, we provide the ultimate assurance for your purchases. Apart from the simple methods of verifying a pound, such as weighing it with a precision scale or visual examining the coin’s quality with a magnifying glass, at Fasma Hellas we have the expertise and the suitable machinery to control the purity of each coin. We possess cutting-edge spectrometres which allow the immediate analysis of the metal content in each item. Moreover, we provide our clients with a certificate presenting the information of this analysis.

Trust Fasma Hellas for your purchases and be certain that your gifts have value. Give your loved ones the gifts they deserve!