Gold purchase, whether it is about golden pounds and gold bars or other gold coins, constitutes a widespread investment over the years. Furthermore, its audience increases all the time. Why does this happen? What are the advantages of these investments that make it so popular?

Risk Dispersion

For someone who is generally active in the field of investments, the gold market could constitute an “opening” to a different field. During periods of financial instability, gold tends to maintain and often increase its value. In this way, counterbalance to losses in other areas can be achieved. Also, as a first investment move, gold can be characterised by its timelessness.

Immediate Liquidity

Gold is a metal that maintains a particular value worldwide and can be quickly liquidated anywhere without the risk of losing money. So, even in the case of an instant need for liquidity, the investor can be certain about the value received. 

Variety of Options

Gold offers flexibility in the size of the investment someone chooses to make, as they can invest in smaller amounts,by buying pounds or in pretty larger amounts, by investing in gold ounces or even gold bars. This way, it addresses a considerably wide audience, making this specific investment even more coveted.

Durability Through Time

Αντοχή στο χρόνο

The gold market is a very good choice because of the metal’s durability over time. There are several buyers who aim to leave a legacy to future generations, which not only maintains its value but also its condition. In addition, the easy transfer of it anywhere is important, too. A characteristic example is Victorian pounds, which are still in the market, maintaining significant conditions with minimal damages and even multiplying their acquisition value.

Caution: The gold market is combined with the risk of fraud regarding the authenticity and purity. Special attention should be given to getting gold from credible sources which can certify the metal content in each item and its authenticity as well. As a result, the value of this particular investment is maximised and the possibility that the real value of the purchase does not correspond to the amount invested is avoided.

At Fasma Hellas, we offer absolute importance to the value of our customers’ objects. We have the most suitable and state-of-the-art equipment, such as modern spectrometres. We use these machines to certify the purity of metals. We make precise analyses and metal appraisals with consistency and professionalism. Simultaneously, we buy and sell investment gold at excessively competitive prices. Finally, we provide our customers with the ability to turn old jewelry into gold bars, maximising the resale value of the priceless objects they own. Our goal is to build relationships based on trust and respect with our customers, so that we can achieve the best service for them.